I am mom, a wife, an attorney, a small business owner, a PTO president and an advocate for justice.

I have delivered newspapers, flipped burgers, waited tables, answered phones, managed restaurants and fought for custody rights in court.

I have 2 beautiful (and stubborn) children that attend Dublin schools and I couldn't be prouder of them or our amazing teachers and staff.

I have an outstanding husband, who graduated from Dublin Coffman, that has been my biggest supporter- through law school, the bar exam, running a small business, and all of my ideas to "change the world."

I am running for State Representative because we have spent too long electing people that don't understand what it is like to be us. We have spent too long voting for people who make decisions based on their own interests, not the voices of their constituents.

We need more "everyday" people running our country - people who work hard and who are passionate about providing a better community for those around them.

We need leaders who actually represent the people in our community - not their own interests or egos.

I will be the leader that our community needs - someone who understands that the same old ideas are not working anymore - someone who has spent their life building relationships and working with others to solve problems - someone who will rely on the insight and opinions of our amazing community members - to get the job done!

From the quality of our kids' education to the increasing addiction problems in our neighborhoods to growing a flourishing business community, I will set my sights on creating an efficient government that works for our community.