Talking Points, Ep. 2, Early Voting

Talking Points, Ep. 1 , Justice for All

For the Greater Good

December 2017
Ken Gorden

“I just remember being in awe of someone who could make a lot of money but who is choosing to forgo considerable money to help people,” said Emily Savors,
director of grants management for the Columbus Foundation. “You see lawyers who only take high-end clients and those who are more middle-of-the-road.
Then there’s Mindy, who says, ‘As long as I can support my family, I will work for the greater good.’
“The world needs more of those people.”

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Socially Conscious Yocum Law Focused on Legal Education and Accessible Legal Services

August 2016
Susan Post

Yocum instituted a sliding fee scale based on income and started gaining clients. Through her practice though, she saw just how much of a disadvantage people who didn’t have attorneys or understand the legal system face.
She wanted to create a safe place where people could ask questions without feeling intimidated.
“Our goal is to make the legal system less intimidating and more accessible,” Yocum says.

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Mindy Yocum: Making the system work for modest-means clients

August 2017
Lorelei Laird

“I’ve not seen anyone else come to it from that angle, with that kind of enthusiasm and commitment,” McQuain says. “[She’s] constantly out there hitting the pavement, trying to talk about how they can help make this community better one person at a time. And still make a business out of it.”

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Mindy Yocum - Legal Aid - Volunteer Spotlight

The Tag Line on the Yocum Law Office website states simply: “Every person deserves access to affordable legal services.” A 2015 graduate of Capital University Law School, Mindy operates a general practice, representing both businesses and individuals. Despite the responsibilities of both running a small business and representing clients, she retains a strong commitment to pro bono activity, participating in LASC’s Volunteer Resource Center Housing Project and assisting with Clean Slate clinics (for record-sealing and CQEs) and case referrals.

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